With a focus on marketing operations, we take the creative energy behind your vision of the future, and convert it into the physical energy that makes your vision a reality.

Why You Need Us

Within both small and large organizational structures, it’s difficult to know what to change, how to change, and where the pain points will be.

Even the most astute leaders need help navigating the treacherous waters of team dynamics to build support for, and ensure successful adoption of, their business transformation initiatives.

Execution is a separate but related marketing pain point for which our production and development team was built.

The Moonshot Studio is available to fulfill your executional needs with team building and process-development skills that allow our experts to hit tight deadlines with the highest quality work.

What We Do
We take an immersive approach, exploring your situation from myriad perspectives. This allows us to build bridges between:

The people asking for change

The people being asked to change

Your vision

The leaders who need to embrace it

Long-held beliefs

Exciting new thinking

Habitual behaviors

Innovative new methods

What needs to get done

How to actually get it done

Who We Are

Adam Kline

Founder, Transformation Specialist

With 20 years in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, Adam intimately understands how to help a company both expand and evolve—he was integral to growing an agency of six people into a two-time “agency-of-the-year” finalist with $50M+ in billings when he left as Managing Director and Executive Creative Director 15 years later.

Experienced in establishing and overseeing effective teams, he is adept at identifying and bridging contradictory thinking within a group. He can’t rest unless the team has a unified and clear plan-of-action. He is also a well-respected mentor who coaches individuals and builds teams that foster meaningful career growth and high retention rates.

Adam excels as a leader and partner thanks to heartfelt people skills combined with highly developed problem-solving skills. Whether it’s a creative, strategic, technical, or organizational challenge, Adam enjoys identifying obstacles and developing solutions to overcome them.

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Lauren Flynn

Founder, Operations Specialist

Leveraging 20 years of experience as an operations lead, consultant, and project manager in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, Lauren has the vital ability to analyze any situation through both a micro and macro lens. This understanding and appreciation of the multiple layers of a business help her drive results.

Lauren is an operations expert with a keen focus on optimizing processes and workflows by spearheading organizational training, cultivating a teaching and learning environment within teams, and leveraging new technologies when and where needed.  Adept at leading organization-wide discovery and unearthing operational inefficiencies, she is a true expert in designing and developing cross-functional onboarding and training experiences.

At the root of her practice is deep empathy; Lauren understands that every organization, situation, and human being is unique.

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Our Approach

Our deep experience tells us that when it comes to team building and behavior change, one size does not fit all. That’s why we deliver bespoke solutions, and a bespoke team.

Bespoke solutions

We keep one eye on the latest philosophies, methodologies, and technologies, but our years of experience keep us objective when assessing trends, cutting through buzz words and hype to identify what is useful, and what is not.

We only propose new approaches, processes, and technologies when they are the right tool for the job, because our strategy is to bring you the absolute smartest ideas that are right for the situation at hand.

Bespoke teams

We are a network of strategists, creators, and producers each with years of industry experience. This allows us to bring you the absolute smartest individuals who are right for the situation at hand, delivering impeccable work with agility.

Spearheading operational change within your organization? Need clear-eyed partners to help you conceive of, sell in, and successfully implement your vision?

We’re Here to Help